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About Yahzee Bracelets

Michael first met James when he was twelve, growing up on his family’s ranch in eastern Colorado. Every summer, the neighboring sheep rancher would hire shepherds to tend his flocks, as they grazed the prairie. James was one of those shepherds.  Every summer, he would travel from his home in northeastern Arizona to Colorado to work as a sheepherder.  James lived on the prairie in a sheepherder’s wagon and spent his days following and watching over the sheep.   James 

One evening Michael wandered over to James' wagon and introduced himself. As he was watching over the sheep, James was making bracelets.  He would send to home to his wife. She would sell these bracelets at her roadside jewelry stand in northeastern Arizona. Fascinated by James' work, Michael would spend many summer evenings watching and learning how to make bracelets. For the next several summers, he spent many evenings learning how to make bracelets in James’s style and tradition. James not only taught Michael technique, he taught Michael the different designs and styles passed down from his ancestors.

To earn extra money during college, Michael made bracelets in the styles and designs he had learned from James. Eventually, Michael called his small business Yahzee Bracelets, in honor of James. 

Hand made in the USA, Yahzee Bracelets are now sold all over the world.  Every bracelet is carefully handcrafted by an artisan trained by Michael.  Each artisan's skill is demonstrated in the quality of their bracelets. Michael's multitude of designs and styles give each artisan the opportunity to create unique patterns and combinations of colors and materials. Being handmade, each bracelet is as unique as the person wearing it.

Today, Yahzee Bracelets designs and hand makes bracelets for fundraisers.  Whether you are a school class, club, church youth group, or any other organization needing to raise funds for a project or cause, email michael@yahzeebracelets.com.


Need to make some extra income? Yahzee Bracelets has created a special Ambassador Program. Become an Ambassador and raise extra money for much for needed classroom supplies or school projects. Have fun. Partner with other Teachers. Begin earning today by clicking here for more information

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