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School Spirit Fundraiser

"School Spirit" Bracelets

Want a blockbuster fundraiser that can raise as much as $100+ per student? 

The Yahzee "School Spirit" Bracelet program is designed to help you reach your fundraising goals!  Yahzee Bracelets provides schools and clubs with "School Spirit" bracelets that are designed specifically for their fundraisers. "School Spirit" bracelets are individually designed for your organization by Yahzee Bracelet designers. Trained by the well known Southwestern jeweler, James Yahzee, our artisans design each "School Spirit" bracelet in the style and tradition taught by James. We incorporate your school colors into the design of each bracelet, making each bracelet unique to your school. Each bracelet is handmade in the Southwest by local artisans. 

"School Spirit" bracelets can be used for fundraising all year long. These bracelets never go out of season. They’re inexpensive and are easy to sell. You can generate more profit with "School Spirit" bracelets, than you can with other fundraising programs..

"School Spirit" bracelets allows students in your school to proudly show their "School Spirit". Call us today at 303-921-7067 or email fundraising@yahzeebracelets.com to see how our program can help you raise funds for your organization. 

Our program is not only designed to raise money for your organization, it is also designed to teach students how to run a successful business. To help your members, we provide a "Fundraiser Business Manual" that is a step by step guide for setting up and operating a successful fundraiser. 

Here's how our program works:

1.  Request a free sample bracelet, designed specifically for your school. Inspect the bracelets and use them to conduct market surveys.  These surveys will help quantify the demand and popularity of each bracelet. This information will be useful to the students determine demand and quantities to order.

2.  Select one of the two order options 1. Pre-Sale Purchase or 2. Post-Sale Purchase. To help ensure that your club doesn't over order, we recommend ordering in smaller quantities.  Additionally, we offer a guaranteed Buy-Back Program that prevents your club from losing money on unsold inventory. 

3.  Yahzee Bracelets will provide bracelet marketing materials and a copy of the "Fundraiser Business Manual". This manual includes an overview of sales, marketing, accounting and inventory management. We do everything we can to help your club have a successful fundraiser.  

4.  Upon receiving your "School Spirit" bracelet marketing materials, you can begin selling immediately! You can easily sell "School Spirit" bracelets anywhere, anytime. The key to your success is to sell, sell, sell!

5.  Your fundraising efforts can continue throughout the year. To stimulate new demand for "School Spirit" bracelets, we offer a free mid-year design change. We also offer special bracelets for events like Valentine's Day, Homecoming and Prom.

 "School Spirit" bracelets are a great way to show school pride and raise money for your group. 

Call us at 303-921-7067 or Click Here to get started today. 

FREE SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. We will send your organization a free sample of Yahzee "School Spirit" bracelet that has been specifically designed for your school.  You can inspect these bracelets and use them in market surveys. We suggest that your members use these samples to determine popularity and demand of the bracelets.

Why "School Spirit" Bracelets?

"School Spirit" bracelets are a profitable and successful school fundraiser. Schools and have come to trust Yahzee Bracelets, not only as their supplier, but as their active partner in their fundraising efforts! Start today and begin your successful fundraising campaign. We can help you raise the funds you need. To help you succeed, our "Fundraiser Business Manual" provides guidance on sales, marketing, inventory management, and much more.

There is no risk of loss on unsold inventory with our buy-back guarantee. At the end of the school year, we buy back all unsold inventory.

How Much Money Can We Expect to Make?

Profitability depends on your sales efforts. "School Spirit" bracelets have a great profit margin. You make 100% profit on every bracelet you sell. Depending on your organization's marketing efforts, it's possible for your fundraising campaign to raise as much as $1,000-$5,000 or more.

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